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Your “Setup Script” for solution interviews is similar to the script you developed for your problem interviews.  Your setup script will again set the stage for your conversation.  If it’s someone new you’re interviewing, you’ll repeat the same script you used during your problem interview. If you’ve already interviewed the person, you’ll say things like “here’s a quick recap about why I’m working on this project…,” and “if you remember from the last time we talked…”

Reiterate what the interview is all about. You’ll cover (1) why you requested the interview, (2) how you’ll conduct the interview, (3) next steps after you finish the interview and (4) if it’s a follow-up interview, recap the problems you identified during the problem interview and the pain points your interviewee expressed to you.

If it’s a new person you’re interviewing, you’ll want to spend a little more time on your top three problems than you would if you recapped. Because you don’t want to spend more than 30 minutes of your prospect’s time we have included a more brief approach to figuring out their pain points in the section to follow

2.4.2 Setup and Story Scripts

  • Write three succinct bullet points, specifically related to your membership site/course idea, that you will emphasize as you setup your solution conversation:

    Check out the companion worksheet for “Setup Script” examples.

  • Write out three bullets, revised as appropriate, that you plan to cover as you tell your story to your interviewee for the solution interview:

    Did something you said in your problem interview resonate more with your prospect? Did anything NOT work? This is an opportunity to rethink your “Story Script” and include some of the language you’ve heard from the problem interviews. It’s still a brief story about how you came up with your membership site idea and why it’s important to you; however, you’ll want to preface it by “if you remember the last time we talked…” and add any new language you believe is important at this point.
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