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Caught some attention?

Good! You’re doing great. This module is all about leveraging your personal network, digging through the comments from your target market on your “Raise Your Hand” script, and compiling your first list of prospects for Problem Interviews. This is where it starts getting exciting because you’ll now start reaping benefits from your hard work.

There are many channels to pull from for your “First 20” list.

Starting with your personal network, make a list of names within your network who you believe either (1) have one or more of the problems you identified on your Lean Canvas or (2) could refer you to someone you could help.

Next, review the comments you received from the “Raise Your Hand” script you wrote and add the additional names to your list of prospects. Continue populating your list based on the people you discovered during your Market Research through forums, blogs, social media, influencers or product reviews you identified until you have at least 20 names.

2.2.3 The First 20

  • Fill in the names of your first 20 prospects using the fields below:

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