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The second script you’ll need to rehearse

while you’re having your problem convo. We call it the “Setup Script.” It will set the stage for a valuable conversation with your prospect because you’ll reiterate what the interview is all about. You’ll want to cover (1) why you requested the interview, (2) how you’ll conduct the interview and (3) next steps after you finish the interview.

Check out the following “Setup Script” example bullet points:

Bullet #1: Why You Requested the Interview

  • I don’t have anything to sell yet, but I do have an idea and I’m going through a process for collecting data and validating whether it’s feasible.

Bullet #2: How You Will Conduct the Interview

  • I really just want to understand the challenges you’re dealing w/having with creating a course while maintaining your service-based business, so I’ll be asking you about your specific challenges.

Bullet #3: Next Steps After You Finish the Interview

  • At the end of our conversation, if I feel like my idea has the potential to solve the challenges and struggles you’re facing as a course creator, I’m going to continue to develop and refine a solution based on the feedback I’m receiving from these conversations and I’d love to touch base with again to talk about what I’ve come up with.

2.2.2 Setup and Story Scripts

  • Your Setup Script

    Using the “Setup Script” example provided or by creating your own, write three succinct bullet points, specifically related to your membership site/course idea, that you will emphasize as you setup your problem conversation.
  • Your Story Script

    The third script is your “Story Script” and it’s all about you. It’s a brief story about how you came up with your membership site idea and why it’s important to you. Write out the two bullets you plan to cover as you tell your story to your interviewee:
  • (This info REALLY helps us improve the program)
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