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You’ll need a script.

There are a few scripts you’ll need to effectively conduct your problem conversations.  The first I call the “Raise Your Hand” script, because you’re attempting to get your target customers to raise their hand and help you out.  You’ll need to a good “Raise Your Hand” script in order to have the conversation in the first place (get it scheduled); and it could come in the form of a phone call, social media post, or comment to something online.

Here’s an example of a “Raise Your Hand” script, the one used for former versions of Snappier, back when we were in the early stages of idea validation:

So I have this business idea…

I’m looking for full-time (has to be full-time) entrepreneurs or business owners who been in biz for over one year.

Trying to understand what they’re going through…

I don’t have anything to sell right now, just looking to talk for few minutes.

Do you know any friendly, full-time entrepreneurs or business owners who would be willing to chat for a few quick minutes so I could pick their brain?

This script did pretty well on Facebook.

You can see there were 42 comments within the first few hours so feel free to copy it however you want and make it your own. Alternatively, you can create your own as well. The purpose of this module is to prepare yourself to start reaching out to your target market, so write your “raise your hand” script below as if it were ready to post over social media.

2.2.1 "Raise Your Hand" Script

  • Post your “Raise Your Hand” script over social media.

    I posted my script to my personal timeline on Facebook and LinkedIn and to my Facebook group.
  • Fill in the social media platform you used to post your script and the date you posted it:
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