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What is the most compelling evidence you have right now?

That is, what is the most compelling evidence you have right now to continue moving forward with your current Lean Canvas? It’s time to get real with yourself. Is this lean canvas worth continuing forward?


If you’re going to pivot, now’s the time to do it.

Sure, pivoting sucks but it’s part of the process. Now that you’ve been through the process it will go a lot quicker for you the next time around. Although you’re more than welcome to go back through Part 1 and create another Lean Canvas step-by-step, you may want to start by just printing out the Lean Canvas companion worksheet and complete it for your next membership idea. The knowledge you’ve developed over these last two weeks could be sufficient.

It’s all good…you have NOT wasted your time.  You’ve successfully validated that your membership idea has a few holes and it’s time to refine and make it better. Keep your head up, stay focused and reach out for help…that’s what we’re here for!


Are you on to something? Maybe you don’t have 100% feedback but you’re starting to get comfortable with the problem you’re setting out to solve and it’s time to take it to the next level.  We’re excited for you!

Either way, it’s time to make the decision. Whether you decide to pivot or persevere, answer the following questions and you’ll be one step closer to a booming membership!

2.1.3 Pivot or Persevere

  • Remember, it's better to pivot now than later...
  • (This info REALLY helps us improve the program)
    ** By checking this box, I hereby certify all information entered herein is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, I have completed the work required in this module to the best of my ability and have documentation to support any work performed outside of the website.