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Who are your advisors?

The best advisors for helping you through the idea validation process for your paid membership site are seasoned business owners.  This module is dedicated to documenting your plans to meet with your advisors to discuss your membership idea.

You’ll want to take advantage of the “Save and Continue Later” button with this module as you enter data, set up meetings, come back, (rinse, repeat), etc.

Let’s get to work!

2.1.1 Schedule with Advisors

  • Your List of Advisors

    Make a list of 8 business owners you know personally and who could (1) potentially serve as a trusted advisor to you, and (2) be willing to review your Lean Canvas. Hopefully you did a little of this legwork already during “Welcome” week, but now's the time to schedule these conversations and make it official.
  • Your Advisor Meetings

    Go through your list of business owners and reach out to each one of them, asking whether they would be open to giving you honest feedback about a potential business idea. Do this for each person on your list until you have at least two meetings setup to review your Lean Canvas. In-person reviews are preferred; however video conferences are good too, just make sure you don’t send them the information in advance. You'll want to be prepared to capture your advisor’s initial reaction, especially his or her non-verbals; both are very important to gauging the validity of your idea.
  • Advisor's NameDate of Meeting (MM/DD/YYYY) 
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