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The next pirate you’ll tackle needs to be activated.

Activation metrics look at the number of prospects you acquired (in the last metric) who actually took an action that would ideally result having their first positive experience with you.

Remember, your acquisition metrics measure the number of your target customers who know who you are now: they found you online or in person and they clicked to “learn more,” took your business card, signed up for your free webinar, etc.

Activation metrics are much different. Activation metrics measure the percentage of target customers you not only acquired, but who actually took a first action to have a positive experience with you. Activated prospects not only signed up to learn more, but they actually logged in and downloaded your PDF guide, or attended your webinar, called you to schedule a free consultation, etc.

The goal of your activation metric is for your prospect to have their first positive experience with you. Keep this in mind as you complete this module.


1.7.2 Activation Metrics

  • (e.g., % of people who register AND attend your webinar, login to your website, attend your free consultation, etc.)
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