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Know your “pirate” metrics…

While you’re creating your Lean Canvas, one of the things that is helpful to start thinking about is how you’re going to measure the different parts of your funnel and determine where to put your attention. At Snappier, we are proponents of measuring your pirate metrics. They are called pirate metrics because what kind of sound does a pirate make?

that’s right: AARRR!!!!

  • Acquisition
  • Activation
  • Revenue
  • Retention
  • Referral

We will provide more on how to use metrics as you start asking customers to purchase your MVP, but for now, this module will get you to think about what you’ll be using to collect this critical data. For a great overview on pirate metrics click here to check out this article from Pierre Lechelle.

For the purpose of what you need to do in this module for Snappier, we’ll be starting with the first metric, acquisition:

1.7.1 Acquisition Metrics

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