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Will you pay for traffic?

Paid traffic can be both online, through in-person events or grassroots marketing efforts such as flyers, billboards or postings. This module is designed to get you thinking about what you plan to pay for to drive traffic to your membership and why.  Lead generation is both an art and science these days, and there are plenty of products and services available to pinpoint your target market with amazing accuracy.

We’re also proponents of live events, especially paid live events, because we’ve found it’s the quickest way to find people in your market who are (1) interested in receiving valuable information related to your niche, and (2) can afford to pay for it.

1.5.2 Paid Traffic & Events

  • Paid Traffic

  • Social Media Traffic

    Social media strategies can be overwhelming. Consider the traffic you will get through social media, both paid and unpaid and answer the next question...
  • LIVE Events

    You'll have to do some research on in-person or online events related to your membership before you complete the next four questions. Open the Google's and provide the name of three live events you could attend within the next four weeks to promote your paid membership site or course:
  • List all paid events you plan to attend to promote your membership. If none, write “none.”
  • (This info REALLY helps us improve the program)
    ** By checking this box, I hereby certify all information entered herein is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, I have completed the work required in this module to the best of my ability and have documentation to support any work performed outside of the website.