Estimated Minutes

People go to forums

to ask for help with problems your paid membership site will have solution to.  Forums are an excellent resource for testing your membership idea.  To get started with your forum research, go back to the keywords and phrases you developed in the last module and type the following into the Google search bar:


Spend some time going through and researching the forums on the first page of the Google search engine results. Make note of the good ones

1.1.2 Forums

  • What are the top five forums related to your key word or phrase?

  • Enter your top 5 "how do I...?" (or equivalent) questions you found with your search within the top five site forums:

    Forum by forum, type “how do I” site: [FORUM URL] and copy the URL for each of the five forums you listed above (don’t forget the quotes around “how do I”). Spend a reasonable amount of time (~30-90 mins) looking through the results. Write down (1) questions and/or problems you start to see multiple times and (2) questions and/or problems that you have, or could come up with, a solution for. Note: If “how do I” does not trigger the results you’re looking for, try “need help” site: [FORUM URL] or “what are the” site: [FORUM URL].
  • Enter the top five complaints in the fields below:

    Complaints can be one of the most powerful pieces of information you'll find from your target customer. Repeat the exercise above, except this time instead of searching for "how do I," key in on "I hate." Search using “I hate” site: [FORUM URL].
  • Dig Deeper...

    Take an hour or so to do a deeper dive through the forum content and take note of any key issues you see coming up over and over again. Get a sense of the overall sentiments of the people actively participating in this market.
  • (This info REALLY helps us improve the program)
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