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in Part 2 of your Snappier program, you’ll be asked to review your Lean Canvas in detail with several trusted advisors before you present it to your target market. The people who respond to your Superpower question would make great candidates to review your Lean Canvas with you.

Hopefully, you’ve received some great feedback about your unique traits, qualities, and abilities. When your trusted advisor or peer replies to your request, thank him or her again for taking the time (in your own words), and include this question in your response:

“It would be great to keep you posted on my progress. As this idea develops, would you be willing to schedule some time over the next two weeks to talk about it?”  

If he or she says, “yes,” schedule a meeting with him or her on your calendar for a date on or around two weeks from the date you completed the previous module.  This will do two things: (1) hold you accountable to getting your Lean Canvas done on time (in case you don’t already have enough of that) and (2) lay the foundation you need to move forward confidently when you present your paid membership site idea to your target market.

Do this three times…

Take the time to set up three meetings with your advisors and/or peers. They can be phone calls, video conferences, or face-to-face (always preferred). After you get these meetings on your calendar, fill in the information below and earn your Snappies for this bonus module.

0.1.3 Get Ahead

  • Your 1st Meetup

    Fill in the days that you will meet with your advisors below and claim EVEN MORE extra Snappies for this exercise (optional):
  • 2nd Meetup

  • 3rd Meetup

  • (This info REALLY helps us improve the program)
    ** By checking this box, I hereby certify all information entered herein is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, I have completed the work required in this module to the best of my ability and have documentation to support any work performed outside of the website.