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It’s Welcome Week!

Welcome to your very first module of Snappier. You may have heard we’re a little nuts about having you finish strong! We better be, our reputation is on the line…

Welcome Week is your chance to kick back and get familiar with what we have going on here at Snappier. You’ll learn how our process works and we’re giving away BONUS Snappies for you this week that you hardly have to do any work for.  Below is some information we need from you to help make your experience snappy. Fill in the blank fields and we’ll hook you up with your first Snappies…

0.1.1 Community Profile Info

This information will be used for your Snappier Community Profile, so wear it proud...make it snappy!
  • (This info REALLY helps us improve the program)
    ** By checking this box, I hereby certify all information entered herein is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, I have completed the work required in this module to the best of my ability and have documentation to support any work performed outside of the website.