How Snappier Works

Snappier is a groundbreaking new tool that gives you access to a proven process for creating a booming online program and rewards you for getting your own work done!

We are 100% focused on RESULTS, the PATH you need to get there, and the TECH to make it efficient.


Step 1: Commit to the Program

One of the reasons Snappier has such a high finishing rate is because members of our incentive-based program commit to carving out a minimum of 10 hours per week to work on their Snappier plan, designed to help them create a booming membership, step-by-step. Incentivized members mean business, and they get the quickest results.

If you’re not ready to commit to 10 hours per week just yet, you can opt for our Self-Paced Program. Check out our Plans & Pricing for details.

Step 2: Earn Your Money Back

The possibility of losing money is a big deal. That’s why our most popular program is incentive-based. When you sign up for Snappier, we put 64% of your initial payment into an escrow account. As a Member, you have milestones to hit each week to earn your money back. Hit all your milestones for a given week and get 8% back. Meet all your milestones every week for 8 weeks and you’ll win back the full amount you’re eligible for (each week is standalone).

Step 3: Collect & Redeem Points

Are you co-working with us? Crushing our challenges? Blasting through modules? We know you will, and you’ll be earning points along the way (called Snappies). Snappies are built up as you go through the program and can be redeemed for books, courses, expert coaching, live events, products, even snappy swag! We’re constantly figuring out creative ways for you to cash in your credits and stay motivated to grow and scale.

The best part about Snappier…

if you do the work you get results: paying subscribers to your membership
(without wasting time and money).

Deborah Williams, CPA

Being successful and efficient requires you to have the right resources. That’s why I work with Nick Snapp and Snappier. His style is a mixture of coach/educator and accountability partner. And he’s the real deal because he cares what happens to you and wants you to succeed, sometimes even more than you want it.

Jeff Page, Blogger

[Snappier] has given me the framework to hang my ideas on, attach my milestones to, and accountability partners to hold me accountable for my actions. I’ve honestly gotten done more in this seven week program towards my project than I have the entire preceding 10 months!

Your Mission? Finish Strong. Your Secret Weapon? Snappier.