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Idea Validation For Online Community Builders

Build your online community without the guesswork.

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Build The Foundation For Your Online Community



• Get three specific online community ideas based on your unique strengths.

• Stop wasting time – uncover what you should be focusing on to build your online tribe.

• Get access to a brand new, game-changing method for achieving your online goals.

Nick Snapp

Let me get you up to speed. I’m Nick I have a cool last name. I created Snappier.

A faster way to get your idea out to market.

We spend too much time in the idea phase, yet not enough time growing and creating. There’s a better and more profitable way to make sure what you’re thinking will sell.

I’m a project manager and my super power is getting projects done. I’m using gamification to make sure your idea is out and sold. For those of you that don’t know.

Gamification: [gey-muh-fi-key-shuh n] – the process of turning an activity or task into a game or something resembling a game.

I want you to finish what you started. I want you to build a community that cares about what you put out. Sanniper is the scaling entrepreneur’s tool box

Let’s kick things off

One thing we can all do is make sure our idea is worth sharing. One thing online business owners need to feel is confident in what they are offering.

Here are the topics we are covering in this free workshop.

  • Start to finish Idea validation
  • How to make it work
  • Where do I start
  • Get paid to bring it to market
  • How likely are you to choose success quiz


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Tools you need to get your idea out to market. Get on my free idea validation webinar.

Get Started it’s Free